canvas, oil, silver, textile installation, drypoint, mixed media
The word "isolation" comes from the Italian "isola" - island. How is it when everyone is in the state of an island surrounded by water and fog? How do we look for a foothold? What keeps us afloat? The artist Elizaveta Zalieva reflects on belonging and the interrelationship of human-being and territory. Her new project is not only about alienation, but also about finding oneself in new circumstances and spaces – through fragmentary narratives, phrases of friends, words from books, inscriptions on signs, which form memory and help to find the way.
Research questions:
Do you feel like an island? How do you feel when you are alone, isolated?

How do you characterize home for yourself? What should be in the place you call home? Is home a room, a building, a city or a continent?

What thoughts are in your head and have been going around in circles for weeks?